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Stay at Home Core Bar with Resistance Band

Stay at Home Core Bar with Resistance Band

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Introducing our Abs Workout Equipment: a versatile abdominal exercise machine designed for indoor use, empowering you to work out independently. With an enhanced foot support bar for added comfort and stability, this equipment is engineered for a seamless workout experience.

Adjustable to three different heights, it caters to individuals of all body types, ensuring a tailored fitness routine for everyone. The 4.5-inch bottom suction cup boasts a remarkable grip, capable of withstanding over 150KG of pull, while the cold-rolled steel body and thickened sponge provide both stability and comfort, safeguarding your feet from potential injuries.

Our upgraded multi-functional design offers various height modes to suit your specific needs. Simply press the spring buckle to adjust the height, enabling a range of exercises including sit-ups, push-ups, sidekicks, and more. Perfect for toning your abdomen, reducing abdominal muscles, and sculpting your body.

Please note that this innovative suction cup sit-up machine is designed for flat and smooth floors only, ensuring secure installation without the need for doors, sofas, or assistance from others. It is not suitable for uneven, slitted, or carpeted floors, as they cannot provide adequate adhesion. Elevate your fitness journey with our Abs Workout Equipment today!

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